Episodes 4 and 5 of Coming Up Next: Jens Richter and Jeremy Gold

Two new episodes of Coming Up Next, our co-production with C21Media, are now live.

Episode 4 of Coming Up Next is an interview with Fremantle’s CEO of International, Jens Richter. He believes “nothing will be the same again” after Covid, as the lessons learned during the pandemic will lead to a new way of working and an appetite for different stories. He also speaks about audiences’ newfound hunger for information, stemming from the pandemic, and the consequent spike in consumption of content from local broadcasters.

Episode 5 is an interview with Jeremy Gold, Co-President of US-based Blumhouse Television. He sheds light on the ways in which television production and consumption have changed. Gold shares his insight into how the pandemic has impacted independent television studios and how they have been coping with the challenges of working remotely. He also talks about the ways in which audiences experience television has changed: “almost everything feels like a period piece”, reminding us of our pre-pandemic lives.

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