A3i – Accessible audio for autistic individuals

Principal Investigator: Dr Lauren Ward (University of York)

Co-Investigators: Dr Gavin Kearney (University of York), Dr Megan Freeth (University of Sheffield), Dr Emma Morgan (University of Sheffield), Dr Daniel Poole (University of Sheffield), Ms Samera Haynes-Khan (Co-production panel lead)

Over the past year the difference between audio-visual technology and our ‘real lives’ has all but disappeared – we live our real lives on online classes, zoom happy hours and streaming the same TV shows ‘together’ while we’re apart. However, we all have different access needs for audio-visual media and many of these are not met by standard accessibility services (like subtitling). In particular, there has been very minimal research investigating what technology and services would make audio-visual media more accessible for autistic and neuro-diverse individuals.

This project will begin investigating the media access needs for autistic individuals. It brings together a diverse team with expertise in media accessibility, autism research and content creation, guided by a panel with lived experience of autism. It is funded by the Screen Industries Growth Network and is working towards their Diversity and Inclusion aims. The project begins July 2021 and will run for nine months.

If you are interested in being a part of the guiding panel, participating in the study or simply want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Lauren Ward at [email protected].

This project is funded through SIGN’s Collaborative Research Grants scheme.

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