College of Experts

SIGN and XR Stories are recruiting for a College of Experts to support all aspects of our work to help grow the screen industries in Yorkshire and the Humber. 

The aim of the College of Experts is to form a unique and inclusive network of industry and higher education specialists who will inform and support us across research and development, equality diversity and inclusion, training and skills and business development. 

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Areas of expertise required for the College of Experts

Research and Development

We are looking to attract college members in both academia and industry who have a clear understanding of the technical and research challenges facing the screen industries. We also welcome those with good project management skills, with expertise in financial management, governance structures and risk. 

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

We are seeking college members in both academia and all areas of the screen industries sector who have a clear and up to date knowledge and experience in tackling issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. We particularly welcome those with lived experiences. 

Training and Skills

We are recruiting college members who can support communicating about the value of transferable skills and the importance of pursuing career development in the sector. We particularly welcome those who have taken non-traditional paths into the industry.

Business Development

We are looking for college members who have a range of experience and skills in understanding business development processes, especially in the terms of economic growth, marketing and legal issues.

Areas of input desired for the College of Experts

The College of Experts will support us in a range of different ways such as: reviewing bids and applications, advising on initiatives and challenges, mentoring, training and horizon scanning. 

Reviewing applications for project funding or other schemes

We may ask a college member to act as an external reviewer or assessor on some of our funding schemes. This will involve reviewing a small number of applications and scoring them against fixed criteria to aid in the selection process.


We may ask a college member to become a mentor and share their own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. A mentor may also help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.


We may ask college members to give input into webinars or offer case studies for training purposes. 

Is it remunerated?

We hope that many of our colleagues will recognise the intrinsic benefits to being part of the College of Experts community. 

We also acknowledge that some of our roles will attract remuneration. Some activities that members of the College of Experts may undertake will require time from them. In such cases we may be able to offer fixed-fee financial remuneration or an honorarium. Remunerated opportunities will be available to all college members who have declared the necessary skill set and are eligible during the application process. 

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We plan to build a pool of expertise through open and inclusive recruitment. 

Primarily drawn from the Yorkshire and Humberside region, the College of Experts will also include national and international experts, specialists and advocates from a variety of screen related businesses, who can show a commitment to our values and goals. 

Issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion underpin all the work we do and we welcome applications from traditionally underrepresented groups. We particularly welcome those with lived experiences of these issues.

Register your interest in joining our College of Experts here

For more information, please email [email protected]