Lights, camera, computer – action! How digital technology is transforming film, TV and gaming

Uncover your route into the film, TV or gaming industries with this 3 week online course

Looking to make your mark in the world of the screen? On this course, in partnership with the University of York and FutureLearn, you’ll explore the impact of technology on digital storytelling, the new opportunities it presents, and the skills needed to launch your career.

Familiarise yourself with the people and skills involved in creating film, TV and games, and assess how to map your existing skills to different roles. You’ll look at developing a portfolio, and plan the next steps to further your involvement in this exciting and creative field.

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Dive into the technologies transforming entertainment media

Technology is constantly evolving, allowing for endless possibilities in compelling storytelling – from interactive media and AI, to streaming and gaming. Get stuck into resources through hands-on activities, using freely available software from the comfort of home.

Drawing on insights from York researchers currently involved in areas of rapid development, you’ll imagine the future of the screen industries and speculate on how emerging technologies might deliver engaging content, telling new stories for years to come.

This project is part of:

  • Skills & training

    Upskilling the workforce, and responding to training and talent development needs