Video Games as Educational Tools

Jack Denham (York St John University), Matthew Spokes (York St John University), Jo Bell (University of Hull), Matt Coward-Gibbs (University of York) and Julie Ellis (University of Huddersfield)

A previous SIGN funded project (June 2021-June 2022) sought to measure the ways in which young people use video game technology to build and maintain social connections, manage life stresses and mental health, deal with ‘loss’, and what learning opportunities are afforded by interactive gaming. On that final theme, data has provided rich insights into the educational qualities of games, and their potential applications in institutional education should they be properly operationalized for a teaching and learning audience.

In this follow-on project, findings will be disseminated and implemented amongst industry stakeholders. Ten CPD workshops will run at universities across the UK, and impact data will be collected and analysed using two surveys. The findings from these surveys will be presented in a Knowledge Exchange and Impact report at the close of the project funding timeline.

This project is part of:

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    Investigating the challenges facing the screen industries and devising evidence-based interventions