The Future is Northern: Skills and Training Conference

9:30 am - 27 Mar 2023

XR Stories, in partnership with SIGN and funded by an AHRC Public Engagement grant, is hosting The Future is Northern: Skills and Training Conference at The Studio, Leeds, on 27 March 2023. 

This free, one-day conference will bring together policy makers, researchers, educators and screen industry professionals to explore what skills training is needed for those working or wishing to work in the creative industries. The conference will also give academics and researchers the opportunity to present their work, exploring what the future of public service broadcasting could be for young people. 

What will audiences be watching and how can we equip the creatives of the future to make it? How can the screen industries become more inclusive and accessible? Through a range of talks, panel sessions and workshops, this event will explore those issues. Aimed at policy makers, researchers, educators and those working in the sector who want to explore the future development of the creative screen industries. 

Sessions at the conference will include: 

  • The power of screen media to open up new conversations with young people and address mental health
  • Exploring the state of training provision in the screen industries
  • The impact of interventions for film and TV development in the region
  • How contemporary political issues can be explored through creative production.

Three new XR Stories research projects will present an exploration on what the future of public service broadcasting could be for young people. The three projects are:

  • ‘Future Media Broadcasting’ led by Dr Dylan Yamanda-Rice and Dr Eleanor Dare of XORdinary Stories, presenting their findings on how the 7-11 year olds might consume future TV content. 
  • ‘Untold Stories’ led by Chol Theatre and Arts Company and Dr Becky Parry presenting their work with groups of young women from Bradford, who they invited to imagine the future of broadcasting as a means of storytelling.
  • ‘Interactive Broadcast Futures’ led by Dr Rob Eagle and the BFI, will explore how Gen Z audiences (ages 16-24) envision future formats and technologies of screen-based entertainment.

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Cost: FREE