SIGN has produced a number of videos in conjunction with local, national and international organisations. Our impactful documentary series, Industry Voices, can be found below.

About SIGN

  • SIGN Highlights

    Watch our highlights video, showcasing everything we've got up to since our launch in summer 2021. SIGN highlights video: Audio described version.

  • SIGN lockdown launch

    Watch our launch video, filmed entirely in lockdown.

  • The Future of Virtual Production in Yorkshire and The Humber

    XR Stories and SIGN explore the use of virtual production in Yorkshire and the Humber. View the audio described version.

  • Supporting Careers and Businesses

    Find out more about how the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) supports individuals looking to progress their careers in the screen industries in Yorkshire and the Humber.

  • Assessing the Impact of Diversity Schemes on Career Trajectories

    This video showcases the findings of a study into the impact of diversity schemes on career progression in the screen industries. The study was undertaken by Ben Thomas and Dr Anna Einarsdóttir at the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) at the University of York.

Industry Voices

  • Trailer

    Industry Voices tells the stories of individuals experiencing discrimination and struggle in the screen industries. These are their stories in their own words.

  • Sideman

    Presenter and comedian, Sideman, talks about the lack of equality, diversity and inclusion in the screen industries and shares his own experience of speaking out against racism. Read Sideman's story

  • Liana Stewart

    Liana Stewart, documentary producer and director, speaks about how being female, Black and working class have acted as barriers in her career. Read Liana's story

  • Lisa Holdsworth

    Lisa Holdsworth, screenwriter and Chair of the Writers’ Guild, speaks about the limited world-view present in the screen industries and how real action is urgently needed to make the industry a more inclusive place. Read Lisa's story

  • Fozia Khan

    Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Fozia Khan, speaks about how being a woman and a working mum functioned as barriers for her when it came to career progression. Read Fozia's story

  • Corey Brotherson

    Corey Brotherson, games writer, shares his experiences of working in the games industry, and talks about the glass ceilings working against marginalised groups. Read about Corey's experiences

  • Sean McAllister

    Documentary filmmaker and producer, Sean McAllister, speaks about his experience as a working class person in the screen industries. Read about Sean's experiences

  • Sam Fray

    Diversity manager, Sam Fray, talks about her experience as a Black Yorkshire woman working in the screen industries, and the pressure she feels to succeed. Read Sam's story

  • Nick Ransom

    Speaking about how privilege can’t always be seen, TV researcher, Nick Ransom, shares his experience as a neurodiverse person working in the screen industries. Read Nick's story

  • Esta Yemaya

    Esta Yemaya, a broadcast journalist, talks about the challenges of working in the screen industries as a mother and as a person of mixed heritage. Read Esta's story

  • Sally Ogden

    Documentary producer, Sally Ogden, talks about how the screen industries won’t become a more inclusive place to work without diversifying the gatekeepers. Read Sally's story

  • Leah Magoye

    Games writer, Leah Magoye, shares her experience of existing in the intersection of being Black, a woman, a single parent and having mental health issues while working in the screen industries. Read Leah's story

  • Extended Cut

    Industry Voices is a co-production between the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) and Candour Productions.

Creativity Lab

  • Creativity Lab – Virtual Reality 101

    This video provides a quick overview on what virtual reality is, and what devices can be used.

  • Creativity Lab – 3D Scanning 101

    Take a look at the powers of creating a 3D asset from a real object.

  • Creativity Lab – 3D Design 101

    This video provides an overview of some freely available tools on how to get started with 3D design.

Research Seminar Series

  • From Courses to Careers

    This research seminar brought together those who provide education and training to young people and those who work in the screen industries to explore what is required to guide the media professionals of tomorrow through rewarding careers.

  • Working in Telly is Bad for You

    This research seminar explored what is bad about working in TV and film and what we can do to address those issues, highlighting, in particular, the working conditions and inequalities that this workforce continues to face.

Coming Up Next

  • Simon Mirren

    LA-based showrunner, Simon Mirren, discusses the importance of transferring storytelling power to a diverse next generation of creatives, and considers how production will change post-pandemic.

  • Kari Skogland

    Emmy-nominated, Bafta-winning director and writer, Kari Skogland, shares her thoughts on a positive future for the industry and the lessons learned in lockdown.

  • Sameer Nair

    India’s Applause Entertainment CEO, Sameer Nair, considers the future of global collaboration post-pandemic.

  • Jens Richter

    Fremantle’s CEO of International, Jens Richter, believes “nothing will be the same again” after Covid, as the lessons learned during the pandemic will lead to a new way of working.

  • Jeremy Gold

    Jeremy Gold, co-president of US-based Blumhouse Television, shares his thoughts on what type of storytelling will be demanded by audiences post-pandemic.

  • Ade Rawcliffe and Miranda Wayland

    The BBC and ITV have made significant efforts to put diversity and inclusion at the top of their agendas. We hear from those charged with affecting this change, Ade Rawcliffe, Group Director of Diversity and Inclusion at ITV, and Miranda Wayland, Head of Creative Diversity at the BBC.

  • Rob Wade

    Rob Wade, President of Alternative and Specials at Fox Entertainment, discusses how he aims to bring big franchises like The Masked Singer back to screens.

  • Dana Goldberg

    Dana Goldberg, Chief Content Officer of Skydance Media, discusses the long term impact of Covid on theatrical release and how the nature of storytelling is changing.

  • Frank Spotnitz

    Award-winning writer/producer, Frank Spotnitz, best known for his work on The X-Files, shares his experiences of producing during the pandemic and considers what the future holds for the drama business.

  • John Giwa-Amu

    John Giwa-Amu, founder of Good Gate Media and Red & Black Films, believes the most successful shows in the future will be ones that lean into a much warmer, happier world. 

  • Belinda Campbell

    Belinda Campbell, joint Managing Director at Red Planet Pictures, considers the long-term future of traditional broadcasters in the face of increased competition from streamers. 

  • Jane Featherstone

    Jane Featherstone, Founder of Sister Pictures, considers the challenges ahead for the screen industries.