Short Course: Powerful Presentations

10:00 am - 30 Mar 2022


Powerful presentation skills are critical to winning financial investment, gaining customers and collaborators, and spreading your message. This free, two-hour workshop will teach you how to sum up your project or presentation in just a few minutes, and is designed for anyone in the screen industries who has a project, service or idea that they want to sell.

Covering the techniques participants can use to make powerful presentations, including:

  • Compelling openings
  • Entrancing narratives
  • Memorable endings
  • Effective use of slides and visuals
  • The importance of body language
  • The art of simplicity
  • How to prepare
  • Use of soundbites to make the important points stand out.


Simon Hall is a former BBC news correspondent with 20 years of experience in the screen industries. Simon is also a coach, a university lecturer at the world leading Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and an author. He also runs business communication consultancy, Creative Warehouse. Simon provides training on all aspects of communication techniques.

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Cost: FREE