Taking VR to the Next Level Masterclass

2:30 pm - 9 Mar 2023

Creativity Lab in the Library, University of York, University Rd, Heslington, YO10 5DD

Want to know more about how Virtual Reality (VR) tools are made? Following on from our ‘Introduction to VR’ session, this masterclass will look at some of the technical aspects of how to get started with building your first interactive tool for VR and how some open-source game engines can be used.

You will

  • Explore some exciting applications and uses of VR from some speakers actively working in VR creation.
  • Discuss the workflow and process of planning your own VR experience
  • Guide you through how to get started with building a simple tool in the Unity game engine, along with a chance to get started yourself

No previous knowledge of Unity is required, but we would recommend coming to our ‘Getting started with VR’ workshop if you are totally new to VR and haven’t experienced it before.


Sam Hazeldine, Creative Technologist, Creativity Lab (Library)

Tania Dales, Research Intern for XR Stories and SIGN

Daniel Lock, Digital Creativity Labs PhD Researcher


Light refreshments will be provided on arrival. This event is free of charge

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Cost: FREE