Click and Learn Courses

SIGN click and learn online courses provide learners with key skills and knowledge to progress their careers in the screen industries. All courses are free and open to all levels of experience.

Setting up as a freelancer

Do you want to work for yourself but don’t know where to start? Not sure about the legal and financial side of things? Do you want to learn how best to promote yourself and your work? Our new e-learning course can help.

Course overview: Created by Kei Maye, founder of Creative Champs, this course will give you the tools and advice to set up as a freelancer. Split into four useful sections, the course covers ‘Setting up’, ‘Getting out’, ‘Maintenance and well-being’ and ‘Pricing’. It also includes several downloadable resources that will help to determine what to charge for your work and a downloadable book of freelance links. 

Intended audience: Anyone who is working in the screen or creative industries that wants to become a freelancer.

Duration: We estimate this course will take 1 to 2.5 hours to complete.

Meet the trainer – Kei Maye – Creative Champs: Kei has nearly 20 years experience as a creative freelancer, Learning Experience Designer and founder of Creative Champs, an expert learning platform for those in the creative industries. Kei has used her expertise and experience to create learning resources for a number of prominent organisations and Universities. Her business, Creative Champs, offers free resources for under-represented creators at all stages of their careers. 

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Managing remote teams working in the screen industry

Do you manage a team working remotely in the screen industry? Do you want to inspire and gain the best possible performance from staff working remotely? Our new e-learning course can help.

Course overview: Created by leadership development specialist, Caroline Forman, this five-module programme looks at how we can best understand ourselves and others in a remote working environment. It considers some of the challenges facing employees and managers and how best to work with individual personality types. The course will also consider connecting your team to a common goal, giving meaningful feedback and maintaining personal and team resilience.

Intended audience: Managers working with remote teams in the screen industries.

Duration: We estimate this course will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

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How to Guide – Translating research into training

Are you a researcher looking to turn your research into a training module? Want to expand the way your research is used but don’t know where to start? Our new how to guide can help.

Course overview: Created by training company, Skillfluence, this 10 step programme will guide you through the process of turning your research project into an informative and engaging training module. This course is based on workshops and interviews with researchers interested in developing training from their research or those that have already done so. Using their insights and the vast experience of the Skillfluence team, we have created an accessible e-learning course covering everything from design thinking to training, to buyer and learner discovery and deciding on an evaluation framework.

Intended audience: Researchers interested in turning their research into a training module.

Duration: We estimate this course will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

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Creative digital skills

Do you need to improve your digital skills? Not sure where to start? Our creative digital skills course could help.

Course overview: Digital skills have become a key part of all roles within the screen industries and beyond. This course will help you assess your current confidence level in using digital tools and evaluate some of the apps and programmes you are currently using. It will then introduce you to a range of apps and online digital tools currently available. These include IT essentials such as operating systems, video conferencing apps and using different devices. The course will also look at more creative tools including image manipulation, presentation, film editing and game creation apps.

Intended audience: Anyone working in the screen industries

Duration: We estimate the course will take 1-2 hours to complete, but that does not include time you want to spend trying out the different tools, as this can be as much as you like.

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How to build your client networks in Yorkshire

Are you building your business but are not sure how to make connections online? Do you want to gain employment or attract clients? This click and learn course is for you.

Course overview: Using LinkedIn, Dr Hannah Roberts will guide you through her 4-part online networking strategy. She’ll show you the steps to create a robust, sustainable and dynamic online network. You will learn how to define your strategy online, attract your ideal clients, connect with them and secure inbound opportunities. You will also explore some of your personal barriers to networking online and the science of self promotion.

Intended audience: Anyone working in the screen industries

Duration: This course should take between 4.5 hours and 5 hours to complete.

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Healthy working practices: The time domination experience

Do you find it hard to prioritise your tasks and create a better work/life balance? Do you get distracted by things like social media? Our healthy working practices course could help.

Course overview: The Time Domination Experience is a five-day challenge. Dr Hannah Roberts introduces you to five essential time and energy secrets to help you become a major asset in your screen industry career or business. You will learn how to create a stable platform for your leadership built on strong foundations and complete a high-performance audit of your leadership pillars. You will also assess your energy levels and learn how to be ‘indistractable’.

Intended audience: Anyone working in the screen industries

Duration: To be completed over 5 days, for fifteen minutes a day. Each day contains an online lesson that can be done at any time and a challenge task for you to complete.

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Why click and learn?

The ScreenSkills Assessment Survey (June 2021) showed that ‘60% of employers in the screen industry favour remote and online training delivered by a third party’, which means that there is no better time to polish your skills and spend time with one of our courses.

Meet the trainers

Caroline Forman is a leadership development specialist with a particular focus on wellbeing and equality and diversity. She is also an accredited wellbeing, change and career coach. Her wealth of experience comes from working in a variety of resourcing, talent and leadership development roles across a wide range of industries. Caroline’s strengths lie in her naturally curious mindset and ability to constructively challenge, which encourages participants to continually stretch themselves throughout her sessions. Caroline is the founder of training and coaching company, Changing Perspectives.

Hannah Roberts is an experienced trainer and entrepreneur who has a degree, masters, PhD and postdoc in chemistry. She spent eight years managing large multi-million pound projects between academia and industry. As part of one of the commercialisation projects she worked on, she started a spin out company with three other female academics and was managing director of that for two years. She did that phase of her life while also having three children. It was on her third maternity leave where she decided to retrain to be a coach and a professional skills trainer and she has been fully qualified and running her own coaching business since 2018. She has clients spanning six continents and a top 10 UK podcast ‘Women in STEM Career & Confidence’.

Skillfluence are experts in experiential training design, with a specific focus on developing programmes for academic researchers and PhD students. Over the last 5 years they have worked with over 50 UK universities and delivered training for more than 10,000 researchers.

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