Industry Voices

Industry Voices is a series of research-led video interviews which probe, document and illuminate the experiences of individuals who have faced discrimination in the screen industries.

The media often reports stories and testimonies of people of colour highlighting their experiences of inequality and prejudice working in the screen industries. Research shows that to varying degrees across the screen sectors, discrimination against many groups including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people, women, disabled people, LBGTQ+ and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds means that many people are disadvantaged or held back in their careers.

The industry acknowledges that change is needed, but many of the sector’s diversity-focused programmes, strategies and schemes have failed to make an impact. To support meaningful change, we must first actively listen to the lived experiences of those who are discriminated against.

In each episode of the Industry Voices series, a screen industry professional tells their own story. These individuals have experienced discrimination or lack of opportunity based on prejudice towards their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, class, background, regionality or a combination of these things.

They tell their own stories in their own words, and share how these experiences have impacted their career and life, and how they choose to move forward.

Discriminatory practices are prevalent, unacceptable and damaging, not just to individuals, but also to the screen industries as a whole. The crisis in diversity in the screen industries is having a huge impact on the future talent pipeline, retention of talented individuals, and is limiting the career progression of under-represented groups. Our aim is to make professionals across all industries and at all levels acknowledge that action is needed.

The Industry Voices series is a collaboration between SIGN and Candour, an independent Yorkshire-based production company which specialises in hard hitting content on pressing social issues.

The films are available to watch on our videos page.

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