Live Room: Hybrid Spaces of Inclusion

Carolyn Butterworth and Renata Tyszczuk (University of Sheffield)

The Live Room project builds on the Live Room Pilot project in 2021, a collaboration between SIGN and the Live Project programme at University of Sheffield. This project aims to: 

  • Design, construct and prototype a new ‘Live Room’, a nomadic unit that can operate in multiple rural/urban and internal/external locations whilst connected digitally to more central screen industry locations  
  • Offer, through the ‘Live Room’ and in partnership with SIGN, experiences of the  technologies, ways of working and opportunities in the screen industries


  • To engage new, diverse audiences in skills and training for the screen industries – to raise awareness and open up opportunities for careers in the screen industries to demographic groups that otherwise wouldn’t have access 
  • To showcase creative possibilities for hybrid digital and physical spaces to both  industry partners and new audiences

This project is part of:

  • Research

    Investigating the challenges facing the screen industries and devising evidence-based interventions