Play Your Way Into Production

Play Your Way Into Production is a game funded by SIGN and developed in collaboration with One to One Development Trust. The game explores what it is like to work in the TV and film industries and gives players an insight into life on set. 

The game is based on lived experience, and is set in a TV studio where a fictional production company is making a documentary featuring lots of Computer Generated Imagery. As a player, you will take on different entry level roles to explore the set, interact with different characters and respond to different requests and scenarios occurring over the course of a busy production day. The situations you will find yourself in reflect some of those that may be encountered whilst working in the industry.  

The game will give people the opportunity to gain experience and insight into the film and TV industries, and help encourage and empower them to progress their careers. 

The game will be available for download from the Play Your Way Into Production website where you can also sign up for an update on when the game is released. 

This project is part of:

  • Skills & training

    Upskilling the workforce, and responding to training and talent development needs