Polyphonic Documentary: Research, Production and Development

Dr Stefano Odorico (Leeds Trinity University) and Dr Judith Aston (University of the West of England)

This research project aims to explore, across theory and practice, the potential of interactive documentary for generating interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange in a context of increasing polarization. So far, the project team has recruited 70 participants from different continents and have held a number of online meetings to discuss theoretical ideas linked to readings around the topic. They have also produced a trial project to test out their method.

The next stage of work will explore themes and issues raised so far through a series of small and focused practice-led interventions. Film clips will be gathered from those who choose to participate, which will be collated into a series of interventions using the interactive software tools, Korsakow and Stornaway.

The aim of these interventions is to stimulate further discussion and debate to help develop practical skills at a time when we urgently need to decolonise the way in which we tell stories. The research team argues that the non-linear and multiperspectival properties of tools like Korsakow and Stornaway offer much potential for exploring different cultural approaches to storytelling and for questioning the dominance of dramatic narrative structures within mainstream media.

This project is part of:

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    Investigating the challenges facing the screen industries and devising evidence-based interventions