SIGN launches Yorkshire and Humber Screen Industries Census 2022

SIGN has launched the first ever census of the Screen Industries in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The census is part of a wider research programme in partnership with the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre and will inform planning for sustainable and inclusive growth within the region’s screen industries.

The census is aimed at businesses who work in the Yorkshire and Humber screen industries and a separate workforce survey aims to gather information from employees and freelancers. The research aims to establish a clear picture of the current size and shape of the sector in the area.

Information gathered from the census will be used as a valuable baseline from which to shape a future industry that reflects the rich diversity of the people in the region.

The largest study of its kind ever undertaken in the Yorkshire and Humber screen industries, the research programme provides the region’s workforce with an opportunity to share their experiences and contribute to the development of strategy in relation to diversity and inclusivity.

A bespoke workforce survey is aimed at individuals working in TV, film, games, and associated forms of digital media and content creation for advertising, immersive online, social media and other platforms. The survey asks a series of questions about occupation, demographic characteristics (such as gender and age and ethnicity), and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A separate employer survey for business owners asks respondents to report on employee numbers. Employers are also encouraged to distribute the workforce survey to their employees.

Kate O’Connor, Industry Partnerships Co-Director, SIGN, comments, “Yorkshire and the Humber is home to world-class screen industries, with the potential for significant growth. However the screen industries have been characterised by a lack of diversity and we are determined to address these systemic issues. In order to shape a future for the industries that is truly inclusive, we need to establish a robust evidence base to build upon. We are calling on everyone who works in the sector to participate in the census and contribute towards plans for inclusive growth.”