SIGN supports future female leaders in the screen industries

The Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) has funded five women working in the Yorkshire and Humber screen industries to attend the Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship Programme

The programme supports women working in the technology sector, and helps them develop leadership skills over a 12 month period. This is achieved through training, one-to-one coaching and peer support. The five women who were successful in securing SIGN funded places on the programme work in film, TV, games or other digital media, and have an interest in immersive technologies.

Pip Rackstraw, SIGN’s Skills and Training Manager, said, “We’re absolutely delighted to offer this opportunity to women looking to progress their careers in the screen industries. This scheme is focused on helping future leaders of the industry, giving them self-belief as well as building a community of women working in the sector.”

Leadership Coach, Emma Cowling, who runs the programme, said, “While the number of women in tech is increasing slowly, there are far fewer female leaders, and many of them reach more senior positions by fitting in and “being more male”. It’s hard to speak out and share your ideas when you are one woman amongst many men, but our voices are important, and it’s these ideas that bring new innovation into tech, open up new markets and make a difference to the tech world.

“Having worked in tech for more than 20 years, I know how difficult it can be to find a community of women you can trust, who understand your experiences, frustrations and doubts, and who you can turn to for advice. A core vision for this programme is the creation of a supportive community in which women across the tech world form relationships and connections, and in the process realise that they are not alone in the challenges they face.”

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